Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ties That Bind?
Ties That Bind began as a conference held in 1998, which examined issues concerning the future of the Japanese American community. Over 400 Japanese Americans gathered from all over California to discuss what the future would mean for the community and its historic neighborhoods, and how to protect the future of Little Tokyo for generations to come.

This conference gave way to more community discussions about ongoing issues and questions pertaining to Little Tokyo and the Nikkei community. In April of 2002 a more focused gathering was held, called Ties That Bind 2, cultivating a more specific discussion geared towards the preservation of Little Tokyo.

So what is Ties That Bind 3?
Ties That Bind 3 (TTB3) is a conference to discuss, strategize, and promote the goal of preserving and revitalizing Little Tokyo as an historic ethnic neighborhood for future generations of Nikkei and others to enjoy. Workshops, speakers, and community interaction will allow participants to celebrate Little Tokyo and be a part of a pioneering event that will address issues pertaining to preservation of our heritage.



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